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Like other Charlotte London escorts I do appreciate the importance of a bit of a steamy relationship. It is important to have a bit of a spark in your relationship, and have some fun with each other. Once that steams starts to go from your relationship, you can easily end up with what feels like a bit of an empty casing. You may not think that Charlotte London escorts have experience in this sort of thing, but I would say that most of us do.

Have do you avoid running out of steam and forward momentum in the first place? If you can figure that out you have got it made. It is not easy to control, but coming up with new ideas can certainly help. You don’t want to get stuck with asking your partner who is on top tonight. Believe me, I have come across that several times at London escorts, and my colleagues at Charlotte London escorts have been in that situation themselves.

Personally I am a great believer in dirty weekends. As soon as I have a chance to sneak away from London escorts with my boyfriend, I take it. We are both rather adventures and like to try all sorts of things. Do we introduce other partners? Well, our relationship kind of speaks for itself. My partner works for a male London escorts service, and we met at one of London’s famous swingers clubs. Do we still swing? Of course we do, and we love it.

My boyfriend is a bit of a watcher and likes to watch me being fucked or played with by other guys. You need to be kind of open minded about that sort of lifestyle, and I think that most people who work for London escorts. I do get really turned on by the thought that my boyfriend is watching me having sex with others. It is a little bit like him giving me permission to be naughty or to have a bit of an affair with an other man. Fitting swinging in with my hectic London escorts lifestyle can sometimes be a problem, but I do try to work around it.

Introducing different partners, is only one thing that you can do during your dirty weekends away. I think that hotel rooms can be very sexy, and they are perhaps the perfect place to introduce a new sex toy, or a role playing experience. One of the girls that I have worked with for a long time at London escorts, gets a real kick out pretending to chat her boyfriend up for the first time at various hotel bars. It can be an excellent way to bring back that spark, or add some steam to make sure that you “ woo-wooo” at the end of the evening… There is nothing like blowing off a little bit of a steam with an exciting partner after a romantic meal and perhaps a bit of naughty partner play to make that perfect icing on the cake.

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