The Irony In The First Time

It all starts with that wet magical kiss that throws down your guard and disarms you in a way you cannot begin to explain. The sensual touches on your skin arouse you even more, and your body burns more and more with love. Your heart throbs and aches to jump out of your chest and finally be one with that of your soul mate who is equally dying to be one with you. As the kisses escalate, the clothes, on the other hand, gently fall off your body, and the touches become even more intense. Everything that you think of is soon channeled to your heart where you can think of nothing but love.

No feelings of regret or pain strike you at this vital moment. Only one task sits before you, and soon enough, you are going to find out what makes it sacred. Soon enough you will experience the only thing that no one never really wants to speak about in public. The kisses soon fade away, and you find new places to kiss. Suddenly, the neck seems like a good spot to place your lips, and you further proceed downwards, seeking nothing but pleasure both for you and your partner.

The urge grows bigger and bigger, and with every gentle kiss you give, the need to seal your feelings becomes unbearable, and you finally give in. The pleasure that you’ve always dreamed of comes to reality as you fully immerse yourself in the whole experience. However, some ten to twenty minutes later, you’re all exhausted. All the feelings of ecstasy that you once had have faded away after the sweet moment is gone, and now you’re left with nothing but your thoughts and yourself.

It starts seeming awkward how something that is as sweet and sacred as love-making could turn out to be something so bland in the end. While you still feel a lot of love for your partner, you start questioning yourself on what was so grand about the whole process. There are perhaps many myths behind sex, especially when it’s for the first time. Many people tend to think that they’d become different or they would feel different after the experience, but in most cases that is not what happens. In fact, the faster you rush it the more likely you are to end up being dissatisfied with your whole experience. Sometimes it’s best to wait for the perfect moment.

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