I never thought to finish my school, but when I become a London escort, I did.

Every one of us dreams to go to school and finish studies. They say “Education is the key to success” that in fact is true. Most of the successful people went to school and strived hard to get a degree. It’s one of the highest achievement we can have. Intelligent gives us success in life, and it will enhance at school. Most of the people regret to go to school when they had enough money to fund it. But those poor-stricken is eager to finish studies. Most people take for granted education and do their own business, but for some, it’s essential to enter school.

It’s always been my dream to finish my studies, but for some reasons, I had to stop. I am Jessica, twenty-seven years old and live in London. My parents send me to school during my preschool to elementary, but in high school, I finance myself through working hard because of my parent’s shortage. I am a consistent honor since graders and trying to synchronize my work and studies. My parents living is unstable, and all of us help each other for our financial needs and some necessities. We are eight in the family including my parents, and I was the eldest. I love my parents so much because of I can see them doing their best just for us, and it’s not their fault our life is complicated. But one thing about us, even though struggles is real, our family is complete and happy for what we have. It’s hard for me to see my parents struggling and my siblings hungry. During my high school, I became a working student at the same time a crew in a restaurant. I am glad for the support and love my family gives me, and they are one of my inspiration to become successful soon. I had to stop at during my college since my brother get severely sick and I had to double-work to buy his medications. He is in and out of the hospital, and I find a way to pay the bills. Problems with me are all over, our food, my brother, and my studies. One of the London escorts had discovered me and brought to their agency. I was offered to become a London escort and assured me the big wages and tip that could help me. I grabbed the opportunity and started working. On my first month, I had saved money for my school as well finance our family. I enrolled again in school and continued my studies to college. My siblings also are healed, and all are schooling now. I thanked God that becoming a London escort help us to live better. Years passed, I had graduated with honor as a Business administration and continue my work as a London escort. I never thought to finish my school, but when I become a London escort, I did.

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