How to become a better lover

How do you become a better lover? A gent that I date at Luton escorts asked me the other day how you become a better lover. I thought about it for a while, and then started to explain to him what makes a woman tick. Good sex, and being a good lover, starts way before you get into the bedroom. Women tick rather differently than men, and the way we think about sex, is another factor you should consider if you want to be a a better lover.

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Women have this emotional connection when it comes to sex. It does not matter if you are a girl who works in an office, stay a home mum with kids or an elite escort at Luton escorts, all women have a certain emotional connection to sex. Yes, we realise that sex can make our bodies feel good, but there needs to be some sort of emotional journey to get is their. Making a woman feel special is one way to be a better love. By all means buy her flowers, perfume and champagne, but at the same time, tell her how special she is, and what you adore about her.

Sexual technique is another thing that you should take into consideration. Sure, you may think that it is sexy to throw your woman on the washing machine during the spin cycle, and ravish her, but there is a bit more to it than that. Make sure that you are truly prepared to satisfy your woman’s spiritual and physical needs. Treat her to personal spa sessions, and at the same time, buy her things like sex toys. Not all women are into sex toys at first, but once they get into them, they really enjoy them. Start slowly and show her that you are anxious about her satisfaction.

Look after yourself at the same time. If you have not showered for a few days, or changed your socks for a week, don’t take your girl out on a date. Women really do like personal grooming. One of my Luton escorts dates really looks after himself, and he drives me wild with desire. He always smells good, and turns up for his Luton escorts dates nicely turned out. It does not matter what you say to me. There is something fundamentally sexy about a man who wears a tie. Not only the fact that you can take it off slowly, it just looks sexy. A good tie is symbol of masculinity most women find hard to resist.

Once you have learned how to dress for your woman, it is important to know how to act when you take her act. Women love spontaneous gestures, and there is nothing like coming home and saying to your partner, you are taking her out for dinner. I have a couple of gents at Luton escorts who do that all of the time, and I love it. It is like taking the weight of your feet for a while, and I love it. Of course weekends away are good as well, and you should make sure you treat the women nicely when you do take her out for dinner. I have one rule of thumb – please never leave my glass empty.

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