Can I be your dream babe this weekend…

My name is Karina and I am the sort of girl that you may want to spend the weekend with. Tell me, are you looking for a friend this weekend, and in that case, what would you like to do together with your friend this weekend? It sounds like the weather is not going to be so good this weekend, so I think that you and I should perhaps spend some time indoors.

Have you ever spent the weekend in with a girl from London escorts before? If you have not had a chance to spend the weekend in with a hot babe like me from London escorts, it might be one of those things that you would like to try. I promise you that I can and know how to make your weekend really exciting. How I do that is a different question, but I will tell you more about that later. But I know that you and I will have a really good time together.

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If you have any weekend plans, I am more than happy to fit around them. I appreciate that it may be rather late in the day to arrange a weekend date, so that is why I am happy to fit around your plans. If you would just like to meet up to go out for dinner, I am more than happy to do so. I know a lot of nice restaurants around here and I am sure that you and I can have both a good time on and under the table if you know what I mean.

I promise that spending some time with me at the weekend can be really exciting. If you are a golfer, I am more than happy for you take me to the golf course. I am pretty sure that I am one of he girls from London escorts who knows how many clubs that you are allowed to keep in your bag. That may surprise you, but I am pretty good at golf and can help to polish your balls at any time that you like. I am sure that you would love to have me polish your balls.

Now if you would like to meet me, or any other girls from London escorts, you may want to give me a call. The weekends can get pretty busy here at the agency and I know that a lot of gents likes to party with us girls around the weekend. To me it does not matter if we just spend a couple of hours together. After all, it is all about having a good time and making your weekends as busy as possible. The thing is that you don’t even need to come to see me, I will come to see you and make sure that you enjoy your weekend as much as possible. I am not sure if you are ready for me, but I am certainly ready for you.

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