Best Food for Sex

The gents that I meet at Greenwich escorts are always asking me which ones are the best food for better sex. Of course, I don’t think that any of these gents have weight loss in mind, but the end result is that if you eat for better sex, you may end up losing weight. A lot of the food which is low fat is excellent for better sex and weight loss as well, and I am sure that a lot of gents that I date at the agency could do with losing a little bit of weight as well.


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I know that it is not easy to lose weight and to at for better sex for my gents at Greenwich escorts. Many of them are businessmen who travel a lot and they also eat out a lot. Finding healthy food in restaurants is not that easy at all, and a lot of gents that I meet up with do like steak and chips. That is not the best food for better sex and weight loss at all. You would be far better off ditching the steak and going for something fishy instead. I always eat fish when I dine out as it is low fat.


Healthy snacks are important as well. Many of the gents that I meet at Greenwich escorts do not snack at all, but the truth is that healthy snacks are really important. I am really into snacking and I do so in order to keep my energy levels up. The truth is that snacking is good for you and it can help you to lose weight. A bowl of celery is a healthy snack and carrots sticks are as well. Both can help to increase your libido at the same time, and that is how you end up with a healthy sex life.


One of the girls here at Greenwich escorts is a real fitness fanatic. She is always telling her gents to eat breakfast. I have to admit that most of my gents that I meet up with do not eat breakfast. A cup of coffee will often do and that is not really good enough. Breakfast is actually my favorite meal of the day and I often eat something that will keep me going for a little while. This morning I had a fresh peach along with a bagel topped with smoked salmon. It was delicious and really good for me. Of course I had my glass of grapefruit juice as well.


Eating healthy is not that hard and we just need to learn how to choose the healthy alternative. Last night I was on a dinner date with a nice gent from Greenwich escorts. Just as he was about to order the steak and chips, I stopped and told him that he would be better to have something else instead. He was not keen on fish so in the end he settled for the chicken. Afterwards he did say that he felt that the chicken was a less heavier meal, and he promised me that he would try fish in the future.

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