Are men not affectionate anymore?

Why are men not affectionate any more? Over the last couple of months I have met a lot of nice guys but none of them seem to be affectionate anymore. Affection is very important to all women including us London escorts. When we come off duty we are loving creatures and all London escorts like to be treated with affection. I keep wondering if men have forgotten how to be affectionate and if they need to relearn this very vital lesson. Women find it easy to be affectionate but it often seems to me that today’s modern male finds it difficult.

Most of my London escorts friends say the same thing. The guys that they go out with simply are not affectionate any more, and find it hard to show emotions. So, what is affection or signs of affection? Well, us London escorts decided to put together a little short list of affectionate gesture that we all appreciate.

The first sign of affection is hand holding. It is nice when a guy takes you out for a date and holds your hand. It sort of makes you feel that you are together and to must women this is not a sexual gesture at all. It is a gesture that shows care and concern for another human being.

Another thing that we London escorts thing we London escorts think is important is the hug. London escorts hug a lot. We hug each other and others as well. As women we appreciate the power of the hug should never be underestimated. It can pick up us up when we are feeling down and it can seriously help us to relax when we feel stressed. Don’t use it sparingly, use it all the time and express with great affection. That means bear hugging and sometimes just holding on.

The cheek kiss – now here is another thing which expresses affection in oodles. One cheek kiss is good but three cheek kisses are even better. According to the secret language of London escorts, the first two kisses are for affection and the third one is for luck. One of my London escorts friends swear by the cheek kiss. She says that it can give you a sudden search of energy, and there is nothing like it on a rainy day in London. I have tried it and it really seems to work. Maybe we should do more cheek kissing.

Of course cuddling on the sofa is another way of showing affection. Cuddles always make you feel good. In our family we have something called “huggling” – that is a hug and cuddle at the same time. It makes you feel absolutely fantastic if you have had a bad day, or you just need a longer chat. I keep wondering about schools. Maybe teacher should be encouraged to show the kids affection, instead of having a no touch policy. A cuddle would make any sad child, no matter what age, feel so much better. When was the last time you cuddled someone?

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